2014/4/17Pro Evolution Soccer Manager is coming soon! Click here for the press release! (Cantonese Only)
2014/4/17The Yu-Gi-Oh! ACS2014 had been officially announced!!
2014/3/28The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Forbidden Card List (starting 2014/4) has been released!
2014/3/20『CHAIN OF SOULS』 is available on the iOS App Store now!!
2014/3/7Results of Top 100 Ranking Tournament of 2013 have been released.
2014/3/7The Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG “Master Rule 3” will take effect starting March 21st 2014
2014/2/24Asia's Yu-Gi-Oh! online services have been restored.
Thank you for your patience!
2014/2/21Our servers will be taken offline for maintenance today (Feb. 21st, 18:00 GMT+08:00), and is expected to return coming Monday (Feb. 24th, 09:00 GMT+08:00). During this period, you will be unable to access Yu-Gi-Oh services including your personal accounts, redeem DP Items, or sign up for any events. Other services such as the KONAMI ID and e-AMUSEMENT Member Site will be unaffected during this time period.

Please note that the times listed above are tentative, and may be subject to unexpected delays without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.
2014/2/7Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 will be released on February 27th for the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360!
2014/2/6The customizable card game “ORECA BATTLE” is coming to Hong Kong for a Location test! Click here for details!
2014/1/28Updated news: Konami Card Game Center will be closed for Chinese New Year holidays from 30 Jan to 4 Feb and resume on 5 Feb.
2014/1/28The Malaysia's Duelist Point Card Programme will be terminated effective on 1st Feb 2014. It will be replaced by the collection of Yu-Gi-Oh product packaging, receipts, and/or other proof of purchasing as the Gift Exchange programme and tournament entry requirements.
2014/1/24Due to compliance concerns from [Yu-Gi-Oh!] products not being part of the TISI scheme, exports to the Thailand market will be suspended effective Feb. 1st 2014 until further notice.
2014/1/23Please note that the KONAMI Card Game Center will be closing early on Jan.24th (at 6:00 PM), and will be closed from Jan .31st to Feb. 4th for Chinese New Year. Normal business hours will resume on Feb. 5th.


2014/4/2jubeat saucer fulfill has arrived! Check out the new features here!
2014/4/2Hong Kong's Yu-Gi-Oh! Tutorial class schedule from April has been updated!
2014/3/21Yu-Gi-Oh! New Product "ARC V OCG STARTER DECK 2014" is coming soon!
2014/2/18Yu-Gi-Oh! New Product "Duel Monsters 15周年記念商品 「決闘王の記憶 - 決闘者の王国編 -」" is coming soon!
2014/2/18Yu-Gi-Oh! New Product "PREMIUM PACK 16" is coming soon!
2014/2/15Yu-Gi-Oh! New Product "PRIMAL ORIGIN" is coming soon!

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