2014/10/22We would like to announce that special maintenance will be taking place on 23rd October 2014 between 09:00 - 11:00 (GMT+08:00).
Please note that during this period, features such as Duelist ID registrations, Event Registrations, and DP Redemptions will be inaccessible.

After the maintenance period, a new Duelist ID registration system will be introduced which allows instant registrations, waivering the current end-of-month waiting period! Check out the ID registration page for more details!

IMPORTANT: Do not sign up for a Duelist ID if you have submitted an application between October 1st and the maintenance period.
If you have already submitted an application between that time, please check the store you have applied to for your Duelist ID.

2014/10/21Smart phone app “MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB SP” Japan Player Matching service has been started!!
2014/9/24The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Forbidden Card List (starting 2014/10) has been released!


2014/9/11Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG New Traditional Chinese Product "遊戯王ARC-V OCG 決鬥始動包Vol.2" is coming soon!
2014/9/2Site update! Video section added, featuring the latest MGSV video footage!

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